2021/2022 Registrations

Registrations for the upcoming season can now be done using this link:



We ask that registration be done early, which enables us to determine how many teams to field for the year.

As always, if COVID prevents play, you will be suitably reimbursed or credited.


New Committee elected for 2021/2022 season

The Committee for the 21/22 season has been elected and consists of:

Brad Bonnici

Grahame Blackwell

Candace Hulett

Erin Keenan

Kylie Keenan

Adam Hulett

Rhiannah Jordan

Scott Williams

James Whitfort

Melissa Nielsen

Chris Hulett


COVID 19 policies and procedures update 27th October

While this post will be updating from time to time for us to get off the ground due to the Covid bug.  There are a few things that we must know and do.

COVID Safety Officer:   Chris Hulett  (if unable to contact, call any member of the Committee)

POLICY: Return-to-Train-Guide-v3


Training:  You will be advised when training can start (hopefully soon), this applies to Junior and Senior.

  • If you, or people you have been in contact with, are sick, DO NOT attend training and advise club COVID Safety Officer.


  • “Get in, Train, Get out”


Matches to be determined, and subject to Local, State and Federal laws.